Hume Region eLearning Conference (online)

Tom March - "Learning is Real, Rich & Relevant"
Tom has contributed to authentic teaching, learning and children for the past three decades. He finds this often involves technology as both inspiration to creativity and a means to impressive accomplishments.

Recognised as a Teacher of the Year Finalist for San Diego County after five years in the profession, he concluded ten years as a classroom teacher in 1995 by taking a three-year fellowship at San Diego State University. There, Tom worked with Professor Bernie Dodge to develop the WebQuest model. Since moving to Australia in 1998, he has contributed at least one new product or initiative every two years. These include Web-and-Flow, BestWebQuests, ClassPortals, The New WWW and CEQ•ALL.

Each initiative builds on what’s been learned and addresses new needs of Web-enriched education. He regularly keynotes, writes, and facilitates workshops focused on aspects of making learning for Real, Rich and Relevant.

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Louise Duncan - "iPod Touch in the Classroom"
is the eLearning co-ordinator at Shepparton High School and has been on a journey over the last five years to establish a Personalising Learning program to proactively know students and enable their learning. A new ICT rich, flexible learning centre has been operational for the past two years, exemplifying this innovative teaching practice.
As a key element of this program, new eLearning initiatives were established across the school including the Studywiz learning management system. In July of 2008, a partnership was established with Apple Australia and a year 8 class embarked upon a 1-to-1 mobile learning project using the iPod Touch. This personal, mobile technology has a myriad of uses to connect students with their learning anywhere, anytime. Improvements in student outcomes in literacy, numeracy, attendance and engagement have been targeted and measured.
In 2009, Louise was awarded the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship and will be continuing her research into the possibilities of mobile learning by attending The Handheld Learning Conference in London, the mLearning conference in Florida and schools deploying mobile learning initiatives. Her blog documenting “Personalising Learning with the iPod Touch” can be accessed at
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Sue King - "Linking Special Education & Mainstream World via Blogging"
is a Special Education teacher at Belvoir Special Development School in Wodonga. Sue has a passion for providing resources and support to mainstream teachers working with students with special needs. Sue is dedicated to supporting students with learning challenges and helping them to achieve outcomes that will lead to enviable lives.
Sue is also a self-confessed 'technophobe' and delivers the message: "If I can blog, anyone can". This session will demonstrate how blogs can be used to motivate student learning, share resources and develop world wide learning networks, for parents, teachers and students.
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Jennifer Frisardi - "Blogs & Wikis in the Classroom"
Jennifer is an experienced Secondary ESL and LOTE teacher and Primary Classroom Teacher. She is currently working as a teacher at Mooroopna North Primary School which has IWBs in every learning space and student access to laptops.
Jennifer has been developing Ms Frizz’s Blog and a Class Wiki. She finds that since her students use their laptops for the majority of literacy and numeracy sessions, either investigating websites, directed to from Ms Frizz’s Blog or doing work on their wiki pages, the laptops have become a tool for the students which is not far removed from their exercise books or pencils.
It is Jennifer's aim to have the students viewing the laptops as a useful learning tool and not as a special treat. The Blog and Wiki have proven useful tools for increasing the effective use of the internet by the students in her class and their online publishing skills have also noticeably improved.
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Marion Spencer - "Sharepoint V3"
Marion trained as a primary school teacher and has taught for over 30 years. Recently, Marion was the manager of the Eastern Metropolitan Region SERCT Centre and an EMR Project Officer for ICT. She is now an Ultranet coach and the EMR RILO representative.
Marion enjoys helping teachers and students learn about the exciting possibilities ICT presents for teaching and learning and hearing about the latest innovative ideas schools are trialling around Victoria.
In this session, Marion shares some examples of how schools have set up their SharePoint intranet sites, and gives some tips on how to create an effective intranet.
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Monica Sketcher - "IWB Interactive Takeaways"
is a dynamic and energetic teacher who wears many hats for her role at Mansfield Primary School (too many to mention!). She works as a full-time teacher in a team teaching situation with 2 shared Prep grades. Monica is passionate about the inclusion of ICT applications and tools in her daily program and has her Preps completing amazing work independently on their computers.
In her role as ICT Co-ordinator, Monica has enjoyed sharing her ICT ideas with her colleagues so that the inclusion of computers, laptops and Interactive Whiteboards is a daily part of a classroom routine. She has made PD accessible to her local smaller neighbouring schools by offering training ‘online’ and ‘on demand’ to match people’s needs.
The aim of this session is to provide participants with some ready to use tools on the IWB for any classroom situation. Some activities will be user-created, online or downloadable. Participants will be asked to share their ideas, so that this session is relevent to their unique teaching situations and so that we can create a large resource of IWB ideas for participants to take away with them.
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Derek Bowey - "Remote Control Response Paddles"
Derek is in his 14th year of teaching. Currently teaching at Wodonga Senior Secondary College, he has a role in helping embed new and effective technology into teaching and learning practice. Derek is enthusiastic about technology and it’s potential application in education.
Derek does not claim to be a technical expert, but he hopes those who are not familiar with the remote response paddles (software and hardware) find his presentation of some interest.
Workshop Content:
(a)Software and hardware (remote response paddles) that allow students to respond to multiple choice questions
(b)Basic preparation – screen dumps
(c) Images and explanations of tools being used
(d) The power of immediate feedback and automatic collation of data for planning individualised future lessons.
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Mark Richardson - "Building a Learning Network in your town or region"
Interested in networks and networking?? They’re great aren’t they? Especially the ones without servers, WAPs and blue cords! What did he say? Yes, networks of teachers you use ICT to enhance teaching and learning are essential to a vibrant pedagogy in classrooms.
Whether it’s face to face or online, personal learning networks are an essential part of any teacher’s toolkit Mark Richardson shares his experiences of networking in a primary school, a DEECD region and in rural and regional Victoria.
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Tamara Steinhauser - "Classroom Blogging in Early Years"
Tamara is a Year 2/3 teacher at Melrose Primary School. She is the eLearning Coordinator at the school and is passionate about using ICT to engage students and enhance the teaching and learning in her classroom.
Tamara started using a classroom blog last year as a means of showcasing student work to the community and enabling students to reflect on their own and other students’ work in a secure, moderated online environment.
This session provides a first-hand insight into using Blogs in your classroom program to motivate and engage students through all areas of the curriculum.
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John Spencer – Delicious, Diigo, Wix & Apps
John Spencer is an experienced teacher of ICT. He is currently an ICT teacher at Peranbin Primary College. This year he has 24 days of Professional Leave aimed at increasing effective use of ICT in his school. This workshop will look at using Diigo and Delicious (social bookmarking sites) in a classroom setting, along with other Web 2.0 applications available on the Internet.

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Rohan Barry – IWB Multimedia
Rohan Barry is a Maths and Science teacher at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. He enjoys trying new and different things such as CAS calculators, making biodiesel and (simulated) flu epidemics in the class room. Rohan will be showing you how to use SmartBoard software to record video and screenshots to assist in student learning.
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Principal Forum _ Brendan O’Brien/ Richard Olsen
Brendan has an extensive background in ICT, science education, classroom teaching and teacher education. Richard is co-director of IdeasLab, and has been at the forefront of resourcing a 21stcentury agenda for Australian schools.
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Kerry Rowett – Connect EY Online Resources
Kerry Rowett is a primary teacher who currently works at Connect (previously the Victorian Education Channel) at DEECD (Ed Dept). She has a particular interest in exciting online tools enabling students to communicate and create online. A practical session focused on how to find and use great websites, animations, videos, games and web 2.0 tools for use in the Primary classroom.
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Michael Barnard – Digital Learning Objects on Remote Tablets
Michael is an experienced teacher of mathematics and physics at Wodonga Senior Secondary College, and is also an integral part of the Excellence in Mathematics and Science Program at that school.Perhaps you don’t feel as if you are taking full advantage of the Digital Learning Objects that are provided by The Learning Federation. This session will demonstrate how the “It’s a Drag” vehicle braking distance simulation can become the basis of an engaging mathematics lesson that caters for a range of abilities. The task involves collecting data then using a spreadsheet as a tool in its analysis.The use of a wireless tablet in the classroom will also be covered.To participate in this session you will need access to the DLO (available on-line: and Microsoft Excel or equivalent.
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Infomercials – Helene Bearup
Helene is an experienced and innovative teacher in ICT at Patterson Lakes PS.She always looks for ways to engage and inspire her students to utilise what is availble without adding extra expense to the school budget. She believes that students as big consumers of multimedia can also evaluate what they see to make similar products of their own. Her classes generally involve students creating orginal ICT projects that challenge students learning and creativity, higher order thinking that allow them to synthesise what they discover on a topic to produce orginal products that reflect their understandings of integrated topics and develop ICT skills and consider the value of Literacy and Numeracy through ICT. Movie making opens up opportunities to make and use many other available skills and programs in picture making, speaking and listening, writing, acting, researching and even music. Through this workshop you will find ways to engage and motivate your own students, hints and tips to avoid the pitfalls because she has found a way to work with them all without the need to buy any software. This is a down to earth session that will work for any classroom primary or secondary.
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Audacity and Photostory
Rosemarie O’Brien has taught for many years in main stream secondary schools. She is currently working as the VCAL/VET coordinator at Wangaratta District Specialist School and has found that in this technological age students with an Intellectual disability respond positively to all forms of E-learning. Photo Story and Audacity are just two programs that Rosemarie has found invaluable in developing the Literacy skills of her students. Photo Story allows students to express their ideas visually and orally, as well as in text.
Audacity, extends the students further by preparing for and conducting interviews with industry representatives.

This session will share examples of students work and show how easy it is for them to experience success in the completion of a quality product.

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