Mathematics Resources

This collaborative list was based on resources compiled by Gail Stanley eLearning Coach Shepparton Network

The Fractions and Decimals Online Interview is now live!

The Interview is used by teachers in a one-on-one interview situation to determine students’ existing mathematical knowledge in relation to rational number concepts. It is appropriate for use with middle years students. It will allow teachers to better understand their students’ knowledge, skills and behaviours with regard to a known ‘hot spot’ of difficulty for many students. It will allow comprehensive collated data to be available that can be compared within schools to better understand student achievement and monitor student progress.

The User Guide for the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview has been updated. - 23/07/2008
The Fractions and Decimals Online Interview is an important new assessment tool for mathematics. Information about this assessment is available at secure website - Edumail PIN and password required.

Mathematics Online Interview - School User Guide - A comprehensive manual for users of the Interview to enter student information, conduct the interview, save data and print profiles.

The User Guide for this assessment has been revised to provide more detailed instructions on the export of student data from CASES 21 and the file conversion prior to importing into the Interview. The guide is available at:

If you are using the Fractions and Decimals Online Interview assessment, please ensure that you use the revised version of the User Guide. - 23/07/2008

The NEW - Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years website - Mathematics domain page - SNMY website

A blog about all aspects of "kids" counting. Written mainly for parents, but has useful information for coaches>

That Quiz is an excellent FREE site that can be used for online testing and record keeping. this site relates to the Maths 300 program

Decimaster Try out this DigiLearn object - It is great for students to see fractions represented in a variety of ways Mathletics.jpg

Free interactive resources

Get Smart – Interactive Sites Glenys Goffett from Copacabana Public School on the Central Coast in NSW has created this site to group hundreds of interactive websites into the following teaching categories: Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. A large collection of Maths, English and Science websites are provided for each of the three stages. Sure to save you time finding good resources for your interactive whiteboard!
Julie Thompson is a Missouri Teacher that has an excellent web site for lower primary with all kinds of resources including a useful list of IWB resources targetted at K-3.
Oxfordshire LEA in the UK maintains a page of whiteboard resources with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy in years 1 to 6.

Hench-maths Graeme Henchel is an Utranet Coach from Eastern Region. On this site you will find resources to assist maths teachers use ICT in their teaching and learning program. He has generally classified activities using the VELS dimensions and progression points where possible.

You will also find resources to assist schools and teachers incorporate the VELS domains of Personal Learning, Thinking Processes, Communication, Interpersonal learning and ICT. NEW: Resources to help implement E5 instructional model

external image Picture+7.pngMathematics in Movies is a website developed by Oliver Knill, a Harvard Mathematics professor. Mathematics in Movies is a collection of video clips from popular movies and television shows in which references to mathematics are made. One of the most recent clips comes from an episode of The Office in which Oscar tries to explain the concept of a budget surplus to Michael.

Applications for Education
The video clips from Mathematics in Movies could be a fun way to introduce a mathematics lesson. The clips might also be useful as a break from a traditional lesson plan for a day. Students can enjoy the clips while reviewing mathematics concepts.

Using Google Earth to Teach Math

external image Picture+20.pngReal World Math is a great website and concept designed by Thomas Petra. Real World Math offers a great collection of mathematics lesson plans that incorporate the use of Google Earth. Real World Math has the lesson plans divided into four categories, project-based learning, concept lessons, measurement lessons, and exploratory lessons. The resource section of Real World Math provides a great list of links to lesson plans incorporating Google Earth in other content areas. The community page on Real World Math is a place for educators to submit their own lesson plans that incorporate Google Earth.

Applications for Education
Each lesson plan on Real World Math has a clear connection between a mathematics concept and a use for Google Earth. The resource page is a great place to find a lesson plan for another content area to match up with a math lesson plan. The academic team I teach spends a lot of time developing interdisciplinary units, the hardest content area to integrate into each unit is math. The resource links on Real World Math will be a great place for us to find links to between math and other content areas.

This year teachers and students can download and use Yenka Mathematics, Science, Technology and Programming at home completely free of charge.
There is no need to purchase anything. All you need to do is register your institution on our website and then we'll create licence codes for both teachers and students to use at home.
To find out more, visit:

If you have any questions, please email Esther Droop

Shared by Adrian Reeders
Playing card images - matching digital to analogue times - bang on time stop the clock game

These maths sites have a HUGE variety of games and ideas and you will need to explore them to find what suits you or your students.

Campbell County School District’s Mathematic Skills for Grades 3-6
A list of internet resources- very useful!

Math Playground

Smart Kiddies- Helping kids become better mathematicians
A great website which includes video demonstrations from Australian teachers, activity sheets and interactive games. Also includes unit quizzes. There is a free trial, but it is worth signing up to this website- ($$).

A+ Maths
Huge variety of maths games.


#D Shapes Memory Card Game

Maths Resources – Wide range

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature
plus other number patterns. Shell spirals are very interesting.

Maths Lessons that Are Fun
Some harder maths – Great Fractals section

All types of symmetry shown. Extensive examples – Good examples for IWB

King’s Maths
Wide Range of Maths Activities – The Virtual Manipulatives are great to use with the IWB

Art in Mathematics
Optical Illusions, Esher. Check out the BLEBS! Explore the other curiosities as well.

Maths Net
A huge range of resources – Check out the problem solving games e.g. Towers of Hanoi

Teaching Mathematics for Developing Numeracy
Teacher toolbox. Some good resources for teaching chance + data, spreadsheets etc.

Enchanted Learning
Number for Juniors

BBC Maths file

Homeschool Maths Collection of Maths Sites
Flash card game is OK

Discovery School
Tessellations – Video streaming + some other good sites.

The Maths Internet Guide
A huge number of fascinating applications to interest students in Maths –try Tyler Art

A good IWB resource for discussion of fractions

Interactive Fractions – Can use the board for tessellation on the IWB + constructing 2D shapes

Derwent District Tasmania
Some ideas for games and lessons – Maths – Try Create a Graph.

Mathematische Basteleien
An unusual Maths site – try the paper cube

Booster Sea Mission
IWB – Not all aspects work but area/perimeter and 2 and 3D shapes would be good for teaching.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources – A selection of resources. Not all work.

Other Maths sites
Curriculum Links
Melbourne - TV Guide
Woodlands Maths Zone - Interactive maths -
Addition & Subtraction Teacher Resources & Lessons (Grades K-12) -
Education World® Math Center
Lesson Plans for Mathematics
Mathematics Continuum - Number - Multiplication from equal groups to arrays - Learning and Teaching Resources - Prep to Year 10
Mathematics Grades 3-6
Maths at Ryde
OurGuide - Australia's Television Guide
Resources for a differentiated maths curriculum with an emphasis on Working Mathematically Contents
Teach the Children Well-Math
Teaching Tables - Making learning times tables fun
BBC - Learning Zone Clips Library - Primary Search Results

Constructivist maths
Essentials for the classroom Join the mathscats in a land of creative, open ended maths explorations

Useful websites:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Here you can play many different mathematical games on all topics.

Maths Dictionary

This is an online mathematics dictionary for you to use.

Learning Planet

An interactive game focusing on equivalent fractions

Jamit improper fractions

An interactive game focusing on improper fractions

Fraction games

An interactive website with many different fraction games

NLVM algebra tiles

Interactive algebra tile game