The Ultranet

The Ultranet is a student centred electronic learning environment that supports high quality learning and teaching, connects students, teachers and parents and enables efficient knowledge transfer. It will establish a schools environment for the future that improves the educational outcomes of all Victorians.

Objectives of the Ultranet:
  • improve responsiveness to individual learning needs
  • provide better information to parents, the school system and Government
  • improve efficiency of the learning environment and school administration
  • adopt an enterprise approach to intranet development
  • exploit previous ICT investments
Key benefits of the Ultranet to the community:
  • establish a school environment for the future
  • improve the educational outcomes of Victorians
  • reduce the administrative burden on teachers and school leaders
  • reduce the future cost of education
  • improve educational opportunities for regional, rural and remote Victorians
The Ultranet was announced in Labor’s Financial Statement as a $60.5 million project for Victorian government schools.