What is the ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource?

The ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource offers support for teachers to realise the potential of ICT to enhance student learning by developing their confidence and capability to incorporate ICT into their classrooms.
The resource includes:
  • an online survey;
  • a continuum;
  • a rich bank of practical, teacher-generated resources, aligned to the continuum;
  • an online journal; and
  • planning tools.
All teachers are being asked to complete the ePotential online survey this semester. The survey only takes 20 minutes to complete.

To access ePotential go to:

Maximising the benefits of the ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource
The above diagram outlines the steps we suggest you work through to maximise the benefits of this resource.

  1. Take the ePotential survey. This will assess your current capability in the different dimensions, then analyse your results to see where you are on the ePotential Continuum.
  2. Based on your results, you will be guided to banks of resources. Use these to help you set one or more Professional Learning Goals to increase your ICT capabilities – see below for more advice on goals.
  3. Implement your Professional Learning Goals – again you can use the resources to help you gain ideas – and then use the Journal tool to monitor and record your progress in using ICT to improve student learning. Seek support from colleagues to help you with your goals and plan.
  4. Celebrate your achievement! Share your progress with your colleagues and learn as well from them.
  5. Revisit and set yourself new Professional Learning Goals. You can re-take the survey annually to see your progress!